Tax Consulting

Our team of professional tax advisers will help your business feel confident and relaxed in the realities of frequently changing tax rules. Using the services of a professional team of tax consultants, business has an opportunity not only to solve one-time tax issues, but also to build a tax plan at the strategic level.

Our tax consulting services include the following:

  • Consultations in the sphere of tax compliance;
  • Services in the field of transfer pricing, including the preparation of transfer pricing documentation;
  • Representing clients in disputes with the tax authorities on the legality of the use of tax deductions, for reimbursement of taxes and in prosecution for tax violations;
  • Comprehensive tax support for businesses in Russia;
  • Tax planning (including international tax planning and international tax structuring);
  • Structuring investments for tax optimization;
  • Analysis of the application of tax incentives and exemptions;
  • Consulting for international asset management;
  • Tax litigation.