Accounting services

Accounting Outsourcing Services

We are a professional provider of accounting outsourcing services. We offer a full range of accounting services: accounting, preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting, processing of primary documentation, document tracking.

We aim to assist so that once you have outsourced accounting to us, you can:

  • focus on your business objectives;
  • minimize administrative expenses;
  • adopt even more effective decisions based on expert advice.

We offer both full and partial outsourcing services, as well as reconstruction of accounting records.

Main activities


Our company offers payroll services. Payroll calculations for individuals are made in compliance with all regulations, and we guarantee that payments are made in due time as well as the timely filing of mandatory reporting to tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds. We also give payroll consultations to employees.

HR Administration

When our specialists issue HR documents to employees, they comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Data Storage

We offer all-inclusive storage services for our clients’ documents and personal data of individuals.